Toronto / Student / Self-isolation


with edgar leaving school after the neuch was fully crowded, where everyone was talking about ashton demoe for some reason. edgar seemed very stressed so we were on the way to his house. we go to a non-existent subway station, we walk around aimlessly for a while talking about how edgar seems anxious, but we donโ€™t know why. we see a lot of homeless people and go down the escalator and run to a pit next to the subway track. we watch someone get run over by a train and see his face get crushed in full detail, and sound. an alarm goes off and we sit on a bench discussing how upsetting this day had been in general. we leave, intending to go to edgars house but we are at a restaurant that was a house, across the street from edgars house. we had to sort something out with a dinner reservation. this part didnโ€™t really make any sense at all, but my parents, edgars parents and estoras parents, and my aunts and some random small children were there. the restaurant wouldnโ€™t let us in so we went on a strange fast car chase to another restaurant, with 3 cars for all of us, and i remember getting out and running to the next restaurant. the next restaurant was the distance of pape from edgars house but it was completely grassy and blue skied and looked like disney world. there there was a restaurant that we went to and i donโ€™t remember that part. i had bruises and cuts from running there and jumping in and out of cars. i was running in slo mo at one point.