Naarm/Melbourne/ Artist/Writer/Academic

Home bound without work that got cancelled casual art dimes were too rich for making us.

Caoife is an Irish born poet raised Eora east coast now living in north suburban Naarm who explores the many languages of the fugitive body: sick, crippled time, feminism, queer, past, present, narrative, spirit.   


A cast for the shadows
I sleep again
This is not a performance piece

Settling slow rhythms
cast with the waves
I miss the sea
drivers past
splash cause the mountain shake
Rattle undercover snake
who hides in the bush
next to the baths
with girls tops off
splash rocks
hard edged sunburn
dent burnt tan lines
down our backs
I swim
I swim to get away

I float to watch the waves roll over
ocean spills
cast their net
set a line of salt white crisp
lines of momentum
caught by a wind
over my stomach

I seek the knife
I draw a chord
swoop dagger at the neck
Fine line
you told me to be careful
I seek out a wish
Take away this skin
Tight crisp binds
Metal drawn reflections
cast a shadow
A long drawn out dawn
sun for the taking
pools of orange turned pink
help me find a cause
don’t answer the question
swim to get away

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